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Ginger juice for hair loss

Ginger is common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine. Mostly people used ginger for medical purpose. However ginger is one of the best important ingredients for hair problems and treatment. Using ginger for hair is old practice and it’s highly recommends using ginger for hair growth and dandruff. So have a look on Ginger Benefits.

Benefits of Ginger for Hair

  1. Ginger is a natural antiseptic that kills the fungi that causes dandruff. It reduces inflammation of the scalp as well as treats scalp acne due to its antiseptic properties.
  2. Ginger contains a small number of circulatory agents that promotes blood flow to the scalp and triggers that helps to grow new hairs.
  3. Ginger clears the hair pores and helps to remove the residue of chemical products.
  4. Ginger is great hair conditioner, rich in minerals and essential oils. It makes hair more silky, softer and shinier.

Ginger and Castor Oil Ingredients.

  • Two Table spoons Ginger Juice.
  • One Tablespoon castor oil.

How To Apply:

  1. Extract the fresh juice from Ginger root and mix with castor oil. Give a gentle message of 10 minutes to the scale. It will increase the flow of blood to your hair roots. Keep it overnight and off with natural mild shampoo.
  2. Repeat it 2-3times in a week.

Castor oil makes your hair soft and manageable. It has ricinoleic acid, it make your hair stronger with the help of antioxidant.

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