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PTCL The Need Of Modern World

As the world is moving towards globalization the importance of fast and continuous communication is a truth that can’t be rejected at any cost.

All the fast growing countries which have claimed that they are progressing forward one can see that their communication way as well as broad band services is ideal. In our country Pakistan we are enjoying these facilities by the services of PTCL.

PTCL stands for Pakistan Tele Communication Corporations Limited. With the passage of time to meet the need of time and modernism it has used new scientific as well technological methods to make its services better than best for its customers.

If we consider its chronologic journey thoroughly we can easily capture that this corporation has started once its jury from landline services. After that step by step this company brought changes in its services. It has introduced first time in the history of Pakistan wireless sets.

After passing this milestone it has changed its way towards a list of latest services like PTCL smart T.V at which we can watch different programs by saving them again and again , further more it has introduced its 4G  services with the typical Urdu name” Char jee”  .

This opened a new way for the customers of PTCL who are connected with internet either they are business men or they are students or any other person related to any field of life. Under its slogan “Hello to the Future” this corporation is working in its best possible way to touch the peak of success in near future.You Can also check your Ptcl Bills by visiting ptcl website.

It has also introduced many new trends as celebration of women day in order to show the world that we are empowering the women in our country equally.

The charges of its services are affordable for a common man in Pakistan  that’s why when a person feels the need of communication facility first of all he or she concern with PTCL.

National Testing Services | NTS

NTS stands for National Testing Service. As it is obvious form its name that it is a nationwide institute which is responsible for the commencement of different academic test on the behalf of different departments of various institutions as well as admission test of multipurpose national educational institutions.

NTS contain upon a systemized structure of its offices, test centers, academic staff and its invigilators throughout the country. Almost in every big city its office is situated with the purpose to provide the sufficient information regarding NTS institution as well as to deal with the other relevant issues of National Testing Service.

There are many other testing institutions which have been claiming to provide the same kind of testing facilities but this institution has a different compatibility as compared to other such kind of instructions because it was established in 2002 by the government of Pakistan in order to promote merit as well as eligible human force to different departments of Pakistan through its services.

This is the cause that NTS test is now must clear in order to get job in remarkable Government as well as private sector institutions or to get admission in near about all the prime educational and skill development institutions of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. You Can also check latest jobs and result schedules by visiting Nts result website.

In addition to it this institutions is also providing scholarships to the talented as well as deserving students to facilitate them economically so that they can cross all the economy base hindrances to achieve their Nobel goals in the field of education.

In addition to all these facilities NTS also offers test to the students having an idea to get proficiency in foreign languages like English etc the opportunity to learn the basic teaching skill of English language through its program named TOEFL.

To measure the authenticity of National Testing Service it is declared proud fully that NTS has conducted  more than 6599 tests in different fields of education , recruitment  and promotion and more than 16.8 million candidates belong to all the provinces of Pakistan have appeared in tests under National Testing Service( till June 2017) .

Ginger juice for hair loss

Ginger is common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine. Mostly people used ginger for medical purpose. However ginger is one of the best important ingredients for hair problems and treatment. Using ginger for hair is old practice and it’s highly recommends using ginger for hair growth and dandruff. So have a look on Ginger Benefits.

Benefits of Ginger for Hair

  1. Ginger is a natural antiseptic that kills the fungi that causes dandruff. It reduces inflammation of the scalp as well as treats scalp acne due to its antiseptic properties.
  2. Ginger contains a small number of circulatory agents that promotes blood flow to the scalp and triggers that helps to grow new hairs.
  3. Ginger clears the hair pores and helps to remove the residue of chemical products.
  4. Ginger is great hair conditioner, rich in minerals and essential oils. It makes hair more silky, softer and shinier.


Ginger and Castor Oil Ingredients.

  • Two Table spoons Ginger Juice.
  • One Tablespoon castor oil.


How To Apply:

  1. Extract the fresh juice from Ginger root and mix with castor oil. Give a gentle message of 10 minutes to the scale. It will increase the flow of blood to your hair roots. Keep it overnight and off with natural mild shampoo.
  2. Repeat it 2-3times in a week.

Castor oil makes your hair soft and manageable. It has ricinoleic acid, it make your hair stronger with the help of antioxidant.


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Poke Vision Alternatives | Updates | Map Trackers

Today I bring poke-vision alternatives list for you. Actually these are trackers which track the pokemon that appear in any area. With these trackers you can locate any pokemon at any time.

Keep in mind one thing Niantic’s terms of service for pokemon-Go and Niantic don’t allow these alternatives and you get ban temporary and in some cases you will ban permanent.

1: PokeMap

The first item in our list, name as pokemap and it’s Android app. This map is really great. This pokevision APK is downloading from outside of google playstore, so I need to warm you that it not be 100% trustworthly download it at your own risk. We take no responsibilities of downloading.


2: Poketracker:

Poketracker for POKEMON GO, does not use your account, But it requires several accounts to be made. Poketracker account is made through the app with Captcha method.


3: Fast Poke Map

The folks behind fast pokemap they create quickly scanning mold that gives users wide range than other alternatives. Some time they are hard at work, as thousand of players and users scans day and night. As result, some users get less location than others.


4: PokeEye

PokeEye scanner has a wide variety of systems and certain scanning area. This map uses the GPS location of your mobile phone. This map is browsed with a net browser. For more ino visit:

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